Prayer Flags

These Tibetan Prayer Flags Are Purely Hand Printed In Nepal By Our Tibetan Artisans.welcome To Tibetan Handloom Nepal.Tibetan Prayer Flags Are Used To Promote Peace, Compassion, Strength, And Wisdom. Tibetans Believe The Prayers And Mantras Will Be Blown Upward As Offerings To The Deities And Will Bring Benefits (such As Happiness And Good Health) To Those Who Hang Them And To Those In The Vicinity. It Is Thus Advised To Hang On A High Place To Ensure Maximum Exposure To All The Living Beings. Eventually The Images On The Flags Fade From Exposure To The Element, However The Prayers Of The Flag Become A Permanent Part Of The Universe. Just As Life Moves On And Is Replaced By New Life, Tibetans Renew Their Hopes For The World By Continually Mounting New Flags Alongside The Old. In Our Store You Will Get High Quality Prayer Flags Hand Printed By Our Tibetan Artisans.