Wrist Mala / Bracelet

Buddhist Prayer Mala Or Beads Is Use For Counting Scared Mantra (prayers). The Main Perspective Of Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads Is To Drive Away Evil And Fill You And All Beings With Peace And Bliss. The Best Use Of Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads Is For The Recitation Of Mantra. These Prayer Beads Are Typically Used In Hindu And Tibetan Traditions In Order To Focus One's Concentration During The Spiritual Practices Of Chanting Or Meditation.

The Correct Way To Use A Mala Is With The Right Hand, With The Thumb Flicking One Bead To The Next, And With The Mala Draped Over The Middle Finger.
Use Of Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads With The Intention To Bring Greater Happiness, Joy, Loving-kindness And Serenity Into The World. It Will Be The Source Of Deep Blessings In Our Life