Tibetan orange yak wool meditation shawl / monk shawl / medium size

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300 Grams
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A stunning orange medium yak wool zen or meditation shawl.These shawls are intended to surround the person during the meditation session and are believed to hold the energy that accumulates and also has a beneficial effect on the mind. As the body cools down during meditation, extra warmth is provided by the shawl helping the body and stopping the mind from distraction. This shawl is perfect for meditating, to lie on, as a cover up, or to wrap up in to keep warm.They are also popular for ordained Tibetan monks and nuns.These shawls are extremely comfortable to wear, light weight and warm.

Made in Nepal


SIZE - 83 cm (33 inch ) X 190 cm (76 inch ) approx

WEIGHT -300 grams